The Hug

The hug I wanted to give you
was the hug you needed
the hug was filled with love
a hug with warmth and safety
the hug was ment as goodness
from me to you.

But one day you were not here
you had travelled away
not did I know then
when you’ll come back
if you’ll come back
my friend, I missed you.

Time has passed by
you still haven’t come back
won’t you come back?
I still got something to give you
a hug
but the hug starts to lose its warmth
time have started to corrode it
where are you, my friend?

The hug I wanted to give you
doesn’t exist anymore
it was eaten by time
my friend, I miss you still
the longing never goes away.

The hug which once was to you
never made it
the time became to long.