You told me
not to believe
in my self
you told me
stay with you
you denied me
to spread my wings
you wanted
to chain me to the ground
you wanted me
to stop dreaming.

Now I tell you
and you shall listen
you can’t make me
stop believe in me
I won’t let you
you can’t deny me
anything in this world
I won’t let you
you can’t hold me
to the ground
I’m too strong
my wings will spread
I will dream forever.

Listen now
as I abolish you
to the farthest regions
of the darkest places
in a place so cold
and lonely
you will live forever
but none other
will ever visit you
in this desolate place
you better get used to it
because this is your life
this is the price
you pay for trying
to hold me down
this is your faith.


I’ve wandered
the vast plains of loneliness
for millennia
I’ve been looking
for a glimpse
I’ve searched the endless oceans
and the limitless reaches
of the sky
I still did not find
the light of my life
I did not find it
I looked in the wrong
I didn’t look within.

I didn’t look
but now
I found what I was searching for
it wasn’t lost
it was here
next to me
waiting for me
to discover what was
in my heart
a crucial part of my soul
she’s my guiding star
my angel, my saviour
my love for her
never stops
and it never ends
I love her
and her name is…