I wanna be
the perfect man
in your life
the man who
watches over you
takes care of you.

I wanna be
with you
when you need
care and comfort
give you nearness and warmth
when you least expect it.

I wanna be
the one who nurses you
when you are ill
the one who wrap
you in warm
blankets and quilt
when you freezes.

I wanna be
he who speaks
with you
not to you
cry together
with you
your hand
when you’re afraid.

I wanna be
the bedrock itself
you can hold on to
when the ground crumbles
the lion who protects you
when danger threats
and the eagle
who lifts you
above the abyss.

I wanna be
yours, my love
only your
perfect man.

Hear me read it:

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