Let me die
the way I came to be
cold and alone
in the darkness
with no hope
no future
with nothing
at all.

I am all but a spot
in the dream of life
with nothing to offer
nothing to give
except despair
hunger and pain
sorrow and heartache.

Love is to me nothing
but a distant cry
far away
out of reach
I am not meant to feel
anything at all.

I seek solitude
in far away places
unknown to all
and forgotten
my name
is unknown

I am worth
time is
relentlessly chasing
I dwell in the shadows
in all eternity
let me die
I want to go

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Life is what it is - shitty or beautiful. It's all up to you! It's not about how others treat you, it's about how you treat yourself - how you let others treat you. Don't accept being treated like shit. Questions? Google it!

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