Victory and loss
is for mere mortals
this is beyond life and death
this is pure equilibrium of souls.

Thanks for the inspiration, Carmel.

Hear me read it:

Who am I

I am
wishes in the wind
tears cried in vain
every heartache
the shattered dreams
the lost one.

I am the broken heart.

New Life

Slow winter
dark cold
wet snow
sticky ice.

The wait
is long
power outage.

two humans
a touch
and a kiss.

Nine months
delivery room
new family
new life.

Nytt Liv

Langsom vinter
mørk kulde
våt snø
klissete is.

er lang

Levende lys
to mennesker
og kyss.

Ni måneder
ny familie
nytt liv.


In a world of conflict
a world of famine
a world of wars
a world of starvation
a world of hatred
a world of fear.

You are my port of call
my haven of peace
my tranquility
my safe home.

You are the center of my universe
the bringer of love
the bringer of light
the bringer of energy.

You are my world.

Untitled Love Poem

Oh, how much I miss you
how much I miss having you around
how much I miss holding you in my arms
how much I miss smelling you
feeling you, touching you, kissing you.

Oh, how much I miss cuddling with you
how much I miss listening to you
how much I miss the looks you send me
how much I miss your breath
how much I miss your laughter when I tickle you
your voice, your skin, your hair.

I miss everything about you
when you’re not around
and when you are around
I enjoy everything you give me
every little thing, means the world to me
you are the meaning of my life, my love
you are all that matters to me.

I can hardly wait
to start our lives together
we will not conquer the world
we will create our own world
our own universe
our life – our rules
you and me.

I love you with all my heart and soul, to eternity and beyond.


Let me die
the way I came to be
cold and alone
in the darkness
with no hope
no future
with nothing
at all.

I am all but a spot
in the dream of life
with nothing to offer
nothing to give
except despair
hunger and pain
sorrow and heartache.

Love is to me nothing
but a distant cry
far away
out of reach
I am not meant to feel
anything at all.

I seek solitude
in far away places
unknown to all
and forgotten
my name
is unknown

I am worth
time is
relentlessly chasing
I dwell in the shadows
in all eternity
let me die
I want to go


You told me
not to believe
in my self
you told me
stay with you
you denied me
to spread my wings
you wanted
to chain me to the ground
you wanted me
to stop dreaming.

Now I tell you
and you shall listen
you can’t make me
stop believe in me
I won’t let you
you can’t deny me
anything in this world
I won’t let you
you can’t hold me
to the ground
I’m too strong
my wings will spread
I will dream forever.

Listen now
as I abolish you
to the farthest regions
of the darkest places
in a place so cold
and lonely
you will live forever
but none other
will ever visit you
in this desolate place
you better get used to it
because this is your life
this is the price
you pay for trying
to hold me down
this is your faith.


I’ve wandered
the vast plains of loneliness
for millennia
I’ve been looking
for a glimpse
I’ve searched the endless oceans
and the limitless reaches
of the sky
I still did not find
the light of my life
I did not find it
I looked in the wrong
I didn’t look within.

I didn’t look
but now
I found what I was searching for
it wasn’t lost
it was here
next to me
waiting for me
to discover what was
in my heart
a crucial part of my soul
she’s my guiding star
my angel, my saviour
my love for her
never stops
and it never ends
I love her
and her name is…


Calmly I walk
through the bright corners
of my soul
searching for something
already existing within.

Continue to walk
I need not
I’ve found peace
this is my joy, this is my reward
always in the sun, loving you all.